Your Fantasies and the Lesbian Love

Your Fantasies and the Lesbian Love

Whether you have sex with men or women, at the end of the day it’s all about the same thing: that you both enjoy it to the full. Yet women like different things than men. Although communication is key in every free party, we have probably listed ten tips that will help a wonderful sex party on its way.

Take the time for the foreplay

First give each other an extensive massage with some oil to feel each other’s body and to increase the tension. Postpone sex as long as possible until you really can’t hold it anymore. We’ll bet the fireworks are falling off. For the lesbian escort this is the perfect option.

Slow is extra exciting

Don’t grab her clitoris directly, but play playfully from the outside in. Stroke her labia first and work slowly and gently towards the clitoris. Then increase the pace to her liking and feel what makes her excited.

Do you feel wet?

It is very important that someone is wet when you finger her, otherwise it can hurt. We don’t always have control over how wet things get down there , so if it feels like the Sahara desert, just use some extra lubricant. No problem.


The G-spot is a mystery among the erogenous zones. It’s a bit hidden, but once you’ve found it, stimulation provides an extra intense orgasm. Bring two fingers inside her and make a kind of ‘come here’ danger, if it’s okay you can feel a rippled piece of skin at the front. The G-spot orgasm is longer and more intense than a clitoral orgasm, because your pelvic nerve – one of the strongest nerves in our body – is stimulated. Definitely worth a try!


Take her breasts in your hands and massage them lovingly. The escort extend on her nipples. These are extremely sensitive places, so feel what pace she likes. Or just ask her. Breasts are just amazing.

Tribute to the missionary

Although this classic is often nailed to the pillory because it would be boring, we think it deserves a hymn. The physical contact and looking at each other deeply in the eyes ensures that the fire is just as much fueled.